Friday 13 July 2012

To Those Who Think Buying Health Insurance Should Be A Choice:

What happens if someone chooses not to buy insurance and they suffer an illness or get into an accident? They may be young and healthy and consider themselves at low risk, but what if they find themselves in need of health care unexpectedly? An accident can happen no matter your age or state of health, as can cancer. What do you propose should happen then? I just want to be absolutely clear on what you think the solution is.

Let me give you some options:

1) They receive no care.
2) They have to rely on private charity and they receive only whatever care is donated.
3) They go to a public hospital and receive care on the taxpayer's dime, i.e., you pay for it.
4) They receive some care by paying out of pocket but become financially destitute, losing their job, home, and any semblance of a normal life.

Which of these options is your preferred outcome? Or do you have another option in mind?

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